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%utah wedding photographer %wedding photojournalism || I had such a lovely groomal session with Michelle and Aaron. With all of this wet weather we have had the past couple months, we were lucky to have a one day window of gorgeous weather between two big storms. At least all this moisture makes everything green and lush and healthy. La Caille was the perfect setting for Michelle and Aaron’s groomals, it was exactly what they were looking for. The two are such a handsome couple, don’t you think? Every time Michelle looked at Aaron, her whole face just lit up. I really didn’t need to give them much direction for the portraits, as long as they held onto each other, they both just glowed and were so comfortable in each other’s arms. Thanks you two! I had a blast and I am so so pleased with the photos we got. And thanks Stacy for assisting me! You are a terrific reflector holder!

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