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%utah wedding photographer %wedding photojournalism ||So just HOW cool is the ZumaPhoto studio space?  Cool enough for movies, yo!

Triple threat (writer/director/actor) Jason Falasco approached us about shooting his production company’s (Trilogy Productions) short film ‘Soft Focus’ in our studios over a weekend this past December, with the ultimate goal of presenting it for funding into a full feature.  I have a bit of background in film, so I wasn’t really keen on the idea of turning the studio over to a film crew (filmmakers are all savages…SAVAGES I TELL YOU!).  But after much cajoling, flattery and plain old American bribery, we finally relented.  Jason and his team shot this behind the scenes vignette as a kind of thank you card to us.  Enjoy!

One note:  ’Soft Focus’ is about a disgruntled wedding photographer finding love and renewed passion.  While we acknowledge the similarities between life and art here, we would like to assure our clients and friends that we are definitely gruntled with our wedding photography!  So gruntled it hurts.

Thanks to Jason, Mario, Moises, Brian, Rachel and the whole crew!

P.S. – Rachel, you know where to find me. %utah wedding photographer %wedding photojournalism ||

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%utah wedding photographer %wedding photojournalism || This past October, Zuma’s own Heidi Ann was featured in Professional Photographer Magazine as one of the Top-10 up-and-coming photographers, or ‘GenNext’, as the magazine puts it. These are PPM’s picks for the artists to watch in the coming year and we couldn’t agree more. Way to go Heidi!

They used one of her fabu images for the table of contents as well.

Sadly, Heidi was not the one to shoot Mr. Clooney’s mug for the cover. But she’s working on it….. Next time!

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%utah wedding photographer %wedding photojournalism ||This was run on the BrideAccess TV show an Robin was kind enough to send me a link to share. So this was at the end of the Bridal Showcase Bridal Fair in January. Zen had kept me up most of the previous night and I had been at the show for some 10 hours by this point and I was so tired that I literally had no recollection of what I had said until I saw this.  I’m just relieved that I didn’t call for the overthrow of the government or confess to any murders or anything.

Guess those secrets are still safe…..DOH!!

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